A Day at the Beach

People seem to enjoy my beach themed trivets so I thought I’d make a few to have on hand. They start out looking similar and by the time I’m done, they each have their own unique look to them. They are a bit time consuming as they need to be done in stages but I think it’s well worth it.

The sandy beach layer is made up from a mixture of chunky and fine glitter mixed with resin. I use a combination of 4-5 different blues and turquoise to make up the water. To make the waves, I use a fine line of white resin and blow it out.

I wish you could see these in person as they are much prettier than they photograph.

Stay safe…Stay Strong!


U – W

These three are probably the closest I’ve come to duplicating a pattern. U and W were made by pouring the paint on one record and pressing the other record on to the paint and then pulling them apart; almost making a mirror image. V was made using an air compressor to blow the paint around. There are just so many different techniques that can be used when making acrylic poured creations.

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A – G

Finally getting around to posting a few records that haven’t been posted yet as well as a few records that can be made into a clock or left as they are and used as an art piece. All records are coated with a layer of resin to protect the paint.


If you are interested in any of these clocks please call or text me at 701.426.8195

Cost is $25.00 per clock plus shipping if required.

All clock mechanisms are US made and require a AA battery.