Bow Tutorial


Are You Bow Challenged?

I know I am – I can’t make a pretty bow to save my soul.  It seems that by the time I get a bow made I’ve wasted more ribbon than I should.

It’s Tutorial Wednesday today at Bugaboo Stamps, I’m delighted to share with you a few of the “cheater” bows that I make.

One of the nice things with these bows is that you measure the width of the card and add a couple of inches – basically the amount of the bow plus an inch or two for anchoring the ribbon on to the back of your card.

I’m not giving exact measurements as I make 5X7 inch card as I know most of you make the notecard sized cards.

For this card I used an 8″ strip of ribbon and had plenty to secure the ribbon to the back of the card.

The size of your bow will depend on the size of bow you choose to make.

For the flat bow – just cut the length you want; for the looped bows just double the length plus a bit to secure the loop.

Supplies Needed

Bow 1

  Step 1 – Tie a knot loosely on long ribbon


 Step 2 – Insert strip of ribbon into knot


Step 3 – Pull tightly


Run tape on the back to attach to card.  Yeah!  Bow 1 completed!

Bow 2

 For Bow 2, Repeat Step 1 from Bow 1

To the shorter strip of ribbon, place a small piece of tape or glue dot on one end.

Form a loop

Step 2 – Insert the loop into the knot, I place the seam side down towards the main ribbon – that way I know it will be hidden.

I used a contrasting ribbon here so you can hopefully visualize better where to place the loop.

Step 3 – Pull ends of long ribbon tightly to secure the loop.

Tape on back of ribbon to attach to card

Do you like a bow with tails?  Just combine Bow 1 with Bow 2 – Easy Peazy!

Bow 3

  You will need one strip of ribbon to form you loop and another small piece of ribbon to wrap around the loop to secure to longer length of ribbon.

Step 1 – Form a loop as you did for Bow 2

Place a glue dor ot another small strip of tape to secore the loop to the main ribbon.

Step 2 – Wrap the smaller strip of ribbon around the bow to the main ribbon by wrapping and securing on the backside of the ribbon.

This is how it should look on the reverse side of the bow.

Step 3 – Tape on back of ribbon to attach to card

I hope I’ve helped a few of you learn how to make a simple bow to embellish you cards and other projects!




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